CCC Common Read - American Tensions
CCC Common Read - American Tensions
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American Tensions: 2020-2022 Common Read Project

Common Read 'What Now' ArtworkE Pluribus Unum: “Out of many, one.”


这些话出现在我们用来规范交易的货币上. 一个健康的社会还必须促进观点的交流. A pre-condition of fruitful dialogue is cultivating both the necessary intellectual empathy and the informed understanding required to truly hear and see others.



努力培养这种能力的形成, we have created a repository of free, 旨在激发和培养文明对话的开源内容.


Connect with Your Community

所有CCC的学生和社区成员都被邀请参加我们的项目. We all share these common experiences. CCC的许多课程都采用了要求或建议阅读的资源. See the complete list of resources below.


Curios Living Magazine

Curios Living Magazine showcases the art and artists of northern Arizona. 今年杂志的主题是“美国的紧张关系”.




About Common Read

CCC Common Read invites students, employees, and community members to engage with a common theme and participate in intellectual experiences related to that theme, as outlined by our current suggested text(s). We encourage faculty to use the full text or excerpts in their courses as required or recommended material.


通过促进课堂外的课程采用和编程, CCC Common Read seeks to create meaningful learning opportunities which deepen students’ engagement and sense of belonging at our institution and in our communities.


Program Outcomes


  • ​engage in dynamic discussions with other students, faculty, staff, alumni, 以及更广泛的社区,同时扩大我们的包容和尊重文化;
  • 在学术环境中探索重要的问题和问题;
  • 以清晰有效的方式口头表达想法;
  • ​demonstrate listening and comprehension skills; and
  • ​make connections between learning experiences inside and outside the classroom and across disciplines.






In an effort to cultivate dialogue, the CCC Common Read recommends the following resources for use in our classrooms and our community:


The following resources are organized by type. 您将在每个资源旁边找到简短的描述.



  • Lesson 1: Debate versus Dialogue
    • This brief article from the Diversity Awareness Partnership defines differences between debate and dialogue.
  • 讨论困难或高风险话题的指南
    • These guidelines from the University of Michigan can help instructors facilitate discussion around controversial issues. 这篇文章包括了管理自发讨论和计划讨论的技巧, including identifying a purpose, establishing guidelines, providing a common basis for understanding, 创建一个讨论框架,保持焦点和流程, including everyone, being an active facilitator, 总结讨论并收集学生反馈, 以及处理涉及教练身份的问题.
  • Greg Lukianoff和Jonathan Haidt合著的《威尼斯安卓版》
    • This article from The Atlantic discusses the use of trigger warnings in the classroom. 我们正在开发一个课程计划来配合这个资源.
  • 丽贝卡·柯尼格:“对话”如何在分裂的课堂中创造同理心
    • This resource explores the meaning of dialogue and shares thoughts on approaching "touchy topics more productively and use conflict as a learning opportunity.这个资源包括一个关于同一主题的播客.
  • 《99499威尼斯安卓版下载》,作者:朱迪·林格
    • This web page simply and directly walks you through the steps of having a difficult conversation using a formula similar to that found in "Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When stakes Are High.“这是一本快速阅读的书,会让你马上使用这种方法.



阿拉斯加安克雷奇大学提供了以下手册来帮助教师, faculty developers and university leaders more effectively engage campus communities in conversations about the most important issues of our times.



  • 《99499威尼斯安卓版下载》乔纳森·海特著
    • Understanding why people arrive at the conclusions they tend to arrive at is essential to productive dialogue on moral and political issues. In this Ted talk, Jonathan Haidt maps out a five-dimensional rubric for explaining how liberals and conservatives approach moral issues differently.



  • TED Radio Hour: Dialogue And Exchange
    • We're living in a time of intense ideological division, and it often feels impossible to bridge the gap. But can we afford not to? 这一小时,TED演讲者将探讨如何跨越鸿沟进行沟通. These segments can be used together or separately.


Lesson Plans & Activities

  • Preparing Students for Difficult Conversations
    • 《威尼斯安卓版》的课程计划主要关注弗格森发生的事件, MO, but can be adapted for current events. The lesson's objectives are: Students will be able to establish a safe space for holding difficult conversations; Students will be able to acknowledge one another’s complicated feelings about race; Students will be able to develop a shared understanding of the basic facts surrounding the events in Ferguson.



Contact for Common Read

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Common Read Coordinator
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